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Enterprise spirit: innovation, learning, unity
The core concept of corporate culture: diligence, tolerance, continuous improvement
Diligently inherit and carry forward the traditional spirit of struggle that is not afraid of hardship, is not afraid to suffer losses, makes hard choices, and is positive.
Inclusively strengthen cooperation with outstanding companies in the world, constantly absorb new cultural knowledge, continuously introduce advanced technologies, continuously improve internal talents and attract outstanding talents; advocate teamwork spirit within the company and build harmonious interpersonal work relationships.
Continuously improve continuous learning and practice, continuously improve the internal management and operation level and maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises through advanced management tools such as benchmarking and goal management; continuously create new profit growth points and build new core competitiveness through technological innovation; High morale, never stop thinking.
Corporate strategy choice: low cost, large scale, high speed
Low-cost through the study of advanced management concepts, the use of scientific management methods to carry out a revolutionary cost control of each link in the product value chain; continuously reduce the cost and continuously enhance the company's ability to participate in market competition.
Large-scale investment through assets, the formation of large-scale, mass production capacity; through a large industrial cluster to play the scale effect and marginal effect, to meet the development needs of the automotive industry.
High-speed While keeping the company's scale expanding, it maintains a flexible and efficient working tradition, guarantees rapid response, development speed, and decision-making speed, and maintains its advantages over competitors in the competitive market environment of acceleration.
Service concept: close to customers, efficient service
Close to customers We invest in establishing production bases near our customers and provide customers with low-cost products and services through large-scale operations.
Efficient service We give full authority to the responsible persons of each production base to ensure that we can provide customers with the fastest, most efficient and most valuable services;
Our management team, customer service team, R&D team, quality assurance team, and production operations team maintain regular face-to-face communication with customers and provide comprehensive, timely, and comprehensive services.